Flash player 64 bit on windows 7 and doesn't work on 32 either

I am running Windows 7 and used to be able to run flash player, but since the new update, it doesn't display. I've looked into this, and most of the forums say to run it in the 32 bit. I have 32 bit on windows explorer and have tried this, but when I go onto the 32 bit, the windows don't even open in explorer. I would like to install an older version of flash player because at least this worked, but don't know how to do it. Can anyone give me some advice please. I can't even contact Adobe as you need to pay them to ask their support centre staff. Many Thanks.
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  1. A couple Q's
    1) What update are you talking about? The recent 10.1 update?
    2) Are you using Internet Explorer? If so, 32-bit or 64-bit version? (I'm asking about IE, not which version of Windows you're using.)
  2. Keep in mind that Adobe has not released a version of their flash player for 64 bit versions of web browsers. If you open the 64 bit version of Internet Explorer (as Bolbi was saying), you will not be able to display any Flash content. You must open and use the 32 bit version of Internet Explorer for it to work.
  3. ^+1 absolutely 100% correct.
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