Gaming Keyboard under $50

I recently got into PC gaming and need a new keyboard. I can only spend, give or take a little, $50.

The keyboards that I am looking at are:

Razer Arctosa - [...] board.aspx
Saitek Eclipse I -
Logitech G11 -,EN

I am also open to any other keyboards that are a reasonable price.
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  1. I like my saitek Eclipse because it has a nice blue glow, but feels a bit cheap at times when typing... The G15 was a way better keyboard, but costs a lot more.
  2. O and as a side not that blue glow fits the rest of my system, antec 1200 case, zalman 9700 cpu cooler.
  3. Thank you for the input. I have steered away from the Eclipse I think. It is not anything special besides the blue backlight. I would love to get the G15 if I had the money but sadly :cry: I do not. The G11 looks pretty much the same, except for the screen on the G15.
  4. I would recomend the razer arctosa,

    i have a mate who has this keyboard, and it is spectacular, although out of my price range (shame).

    i personally think that the arctosa is a better keyboard to the other 2 (as i have had the chance to use them previously).
  5. If the Arctosa is anything like their more expensive Tarantula, it's going to be one nice piece of kit. Have a Tarantula myself and couldn't go back to a normal keyboard after using it.
  6. just make sure you have the estate to place the keyboard, I sadly don't, I only have 18" of space, 20" max... and than after 20", my mouse is unmovable.
  7. eklipz330 said:
    just make sure you have the estate to place the keyboard, I sadly don't, I only have 18" of space, 20" max... and than after 20", my mouse is unmovable.

    Thanks for the advice. I am able to fit all of the keyboards listed luckily. I am still stuck between the Razer Arctosa and the Logitech G11. I am leaning more towards the Logitech G11 though.
  8. Well, I went with the G11. I will let you guys know how it is when I get it.
  9. I will never understand the need for these "gaming" keyboards. I have an OEM dell keyboard from what looks like the late '90s and it's done fine for me for years.

    Get this and spend the money on something else.
  10. Just letting you guys know that the Logitech G11 arrived. It is an amazing keyboard. I love it! :bounce: I don't see the need for a g15 as all it is an extra screen. This is a great keyboard and would recommend to anyone.
  11. I recieved a Logitech G15 for Christmas... man I had no idea what I was missing. I had been using a standard USB keyboard for the longest time. Found that I no longer have to chase the keyboard around my desk or miss keys in the dark... Found that the G15 has a Rock solid footprint and that I can't go back. EVGA also integrates GPU temps and FPS in the LCD on the keyboard. I am now using a Dell keyboard at work and reading this for info on upgrading it... unfortunately I can't justify the G15 for work :p so looking for something comparible.
  12. I like my G11 too. The most vital feature it has, I think, is that switch that turns off the Windows key. Still, I love the solid feel of it for general use as well. I wouldn't mind finding something smaller though, as long as it has that switch. Yes, you can do it in the Registry, but I'd rather have the switch.
  13. I just got a G15 and still getting used to it (damn thing is massive!). Great fun though...the sceen is one of the pointless unecessary things that you just end up loving for the stuff it does.
    Example - Control my music in game, or watch a FRAPS graph of my FPS.
    Pointless....but great!
  14. I just picked up a G15 and it is amazing. It is such a big difference going from the standard Dell keyboard to the G15. The best part is I got it for $70 at Circuit City. They are having great going out of business deals so I recommend checking them out. I'm in the process of building a new computer and i decided to go there to see if they had any good deals, and I ended up picking up a G9 mouse and a G15 keyboard for $70 each and i couldn't be happier.
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