Windows' Cannot load the users profile???

I have a major problem with my computer and it goes like this.

I turn my computer on it goes fine through star-up no error messages begins to load windows and the welcome screen comes up and about 5 seconds later I recieve the following message

"Windows Cannot load the user's profile, but has logged you on with the default profile for the system.

DETAIL - A required privledge is not help by the client"

You recieve 30 seconds to hit OK or it just continues automatically, once you hit ok it loads the desktop background but no Icons appear and about 10 seconds after the wallpaper appears the computer restarts itself. And the same thing just happens again in a constant loop.

I have tried re-installing windows over the top of my current system but to no avail the same thing happens on the first time it tries to load windows, i really do not want to format my HDD as there is alot of files on thier i don't have backed up and would like to keep, does anyone know how to fix this problem.

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  1. Can you boot to Safe Mode? If you can, then I would suggest doing so and using that access to backup all the files you want to save. Then, I'd repartition the drive into a boot drive and a data drive (at the least) and reinstall Windows with a clean install. That way you have built in protection against some problems, even if you're too lazy to do backups. Or perhaps you don't have anyplace to send backups to. Anyway, there is likely some serious problem going on in the Registry.

    There is one thing you don't mention- has the system EVER booted okay? If it has, was there any particular things going on just before it stopped booting okay?

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  2. It is all fixed now, i just put my HDD in my firends computer, copied over what was needed to be backed up and then formatted it, all working once again.

    It ad been working fine for about two years and then nothing when i went to turn it on the next day. It was just all of a sudden. *shrugs*

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