Fallout 3 and vista

i have fallout 3 for the xbox 360, and it runs without problems, played the whole game and loved it.
bought it for my laptop running vista 32bit basic and the game is slow and laggy.
i thought it was most likely my laptop wasnt up to standard so i tried it on my dads laptop which is not as powerfull and running a lower gfx card than mine. and it worked fine i found this kind of odd. apart from that he is running xp instaed of vista, does that make a diffference does xp run fallout better than vista? i dont have the option to downgrade my drivers arent avaliable on xp. any solution would be greatly apreciated.
i had a similar problem with oblivion.
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  1. Also DX10 is more demanding than DX9.

    You may also need to do some basic maintenance on your laptop like installing the latest drivers and defrag the hard drive. Also look for programs you no longer need and uninstall them.

    Lastly, use a program like CCleaner to search for registry entries which are no longer valid an remove them (backing them up would be a good idea).
  2. Your Laptop probably isn't up to standard. To make a fair and accurate determination we would need to know the system specs of both computers. A Laptops are built to use the least amount of power. They are not built to be powerful gaming computers (except for a very few) so comparing a Laptop to a Desktop isn't being reasonable.
    I have Vista on my main computer and XP on my secondary. My Vista Computer get's turned off only when my cat accidently hit's the off switch which is about once every other week or so. My XP needs a reboot every day. Yes, both computers run pretty much 24-7.
    Comp 1:
    Phenom 9600
    3870 Graphics
    4 GB 1066 Ram

    Comp 2
    AMD 5400
    2 GB 1066 RAM

    To be fair maybe your Laptop just barely meets specs while your Dads exceeds his. RAM can make a substantial difference as can Fragmentation of a HardDrive. As one guy pointed out above your Drivers may need updating.

    To think that Vista is the issue is probably going down the wrong road. To be fair my sons computer (computer 2) should kick the hell out of mine (comp 1) but in practice mine just runs better. I keep my drivers up to date, my drive is defragmented, I use 3rd Party Programs to Uninstall, and quite a bit more. When it comes down to which computer is the better one in the house everyone in my family will say mine is. Most people on this board would say my son's is. But Reality is always different. The little things can add up and make a difference. You have probably just experienced this.
  3. my laptop make is FUJITSU.I was thinking of getting fallout3 for my laptop but im not sure my laptop has the power.My laptop has a 15.6"HD (1366x768)prosser intel Celeron Dual-Core t1600 memory 2*1GB DDR2/667 Hard Disk 160GB SATA/5400rpm ODD(SATA) superMulti-format DVD burner DL WLAN 802.11b/g Graphics mobile intel GMA4500M Shared memory depending on RAM Comm LAN (10/100) interface 3*USB 2.0, 1*VGA interface ExpressCard(54/34), 13in1 card reader,3* audio SOFTWARE Windows VISTA Home Premium HELP :cry:
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