Saints row 2 , crash after gamespy logo


I installed Saints row 2 today and once done i executed the sr2_pc.exe , it ran perfectly until the gamespy logo came up.
While the logo is showing the game crashes. I have installed the latest DX9 , from microsoft and also installed the DX9 in the Saints row 2 directory. This seems to solve other peopls problems ,but not mine.

My system specs are :

Vista 64bit SP1
Intel i7 920
6gb Ram
MSI x58 Eclipse
500gb Seagate
MSI gtx260
Nvidia Drivers 181.22

If anyone can help , would be appreciated.
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  1. o Yea and i have an Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio. Dunno if that will help
  2. Same problem over here..

    any solutions so far?
  3. I had a problem a for about a week and found out it was Stardock's Fences. I thought it was the ATI Graphics because I had a problem a lot like this one and it was the Graphics Driver. Then I had this weird error and Fences shut down and the game ran fine. Uninstalled Fences and everything worked fine.
    Most crashes occur because one program conflicts with another. If your like me you could have a ton of processes running and it becomes just a matter of luck on finding the problem.
    Couple of questions:
    Is there a patch for the game that you haven't installed?
    Any other games giving you this type of problem?
    Have you started shutting down background processes and then restarting the game?
    Have you gone to the web site and looked for other people who are having the same problem?

    I'll try and help in any way I can. I frequent this forum quite a bit and though I'm no real expert I'm pretty good at getting to the bottom of a problem and figuring out a solution.
    Though one time at band camp, I took my computer, and....
  4. i updated my Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio driver and now it works
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