GTA IV pc performance


I just wanted to know on what settings i will able to run gta iv ?

Specs :

Intel i7 920 @ 2.66Ghz
6Gb Apacer Ram
MSI x58 Eclipse
In Win Commander 850w
MSI gtx260 (original)
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  1. if that gtx 260 has a gig of ram you should be able to crank texture detail to full with the draw distance at a bit above half.

    if it only has 512 then your looking at medium texture quality at best.

    edit: hm its got the 896 or whatever megs of ram on it. you should be able to jack it up to full quality but view distance may or may not be to your liking.. just depends how you setup the other sliders.
  2. all at very high , except the draw distance. But still gna patch hear it gives huge performance increases
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