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I have been reading lately about the bad capacitor electrolyte issue and while I don't think it affects my systems, I noticed that these capacitors all seem to have a life expectancy fo 4K hours, which for systems that are left on continuously is only 6 months. We have some systems on our network approaching 7 years of 24/7 power-on which still work fine but some are starting to do strange things like rebooting themselves for no reason even if no one is touching them. Could this be a capacitor related problem? We have changed CMOS batteries so that isn't the problem. Any ideas?
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  1. It could be due to any number of things, capacitors being one of them.

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  2. yeah... when comps get old strange stuff happends all over the place... if it's the caps you can easily tell by inspecting the board...

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  3. Not always!

    The only time they get all big and fuzzy is if they get overvoltage and explode.

    I've been repairing stuff for a long time and I constantly run into electrolytics that look brand new but have 0 capacity. Over time the internal connections between foil and solder lead break down resulting in a part the looks OK but no longer does anything.

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  4. that could also be due to the fact that those pc's have collected dust over the years and it has slowly choked them and eventually after X number of hours or days running they overheat and restart.

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