Last minute opinions requested

Okay..well I'm sitting here about to hit the confirm order button for my new computer...

I figured it couldn't hurt to solicit opinions...just to see if anything pops up that I might have missed.

AMD XP2700+
Vantec AeroFlow VA4-C7040 Socket A Cooler
Asus A7N8X (Changed to Non-Deluxe)
1GB Corsair XMS TWINX1023-2700LL
Promise TX4000 ATA 133 Raid Controller
2x80GB Maxtor Diamond Max+9 8MB Cache
3xVantec Rounded 10inch Copper IDE cables
1xVantec Round 10inch copper floppy cable
5xPanasonic Panaflo Axial Fan 39CFM/32db
1xMitsumi 3.5 Floppy
Plextor 48/24/48 CDRW
Creative Labs Audigy 2 *already own this*
Logitech MX700 Cordless Optical Mouse
Antec 1080 AMG w/430W True Power Supply
Logitech Black Internet Keyboard
Windows XP Professional SP-1

I already have my Radeon 9800 Pro
I was waiting on it before I ordered the rest.

I already have an Audigy 2 from my old computer so I don't need the Deluxe Model, I bought it when my SBLive! (First Generation model) Died finally...I had the thing for nearly 5 years before it crapped out..Fine piece of engineering there Creative...

I was only looking at the Deluxe for SATA support and the fact it had a 3Com lan controller as well as the Nvidia Lan...I happen to be fond of 3Com so..that's what I was looking at..however...I've heard recently that the Nvidia Lan is fairly decent and has very few that should suffice (and save me some cash)

The A7N8X has Serial Raid only onboard from what I can tell from the specs

So, if anyone has any ideas or alternatives to anything I'm planning on buying, I'd apreciate the info


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  1. With as good of onboard sound that the A7N8X has I don't know why you'd waste the money on Audigy. It's almost as good as Audigy, some say better. Ditch the sound card & save the $$$.

    There's also RAID onboard the A7N8X as well. See if that meets your needs or if you still need a add on card.

    I like Liteon burners. There preferred around here. Inexpensive & also burn in RAW & RAW 96+. You'd save some $$$ here as well.

    I'd ditch the floppy as well. I haven't had one in a couple of years since XP came out. XP is a bootable OS off the CD.

    I like the Western Digital over Maxtor myself, the JB Special Edition is preferred I believe.

    Wireless mouse. There OK, but if your going to be gaming they don't have the response that a wired mouse has.

    Even without my suggestions you've got yourself a whale of a rig to play with. Have fun!

    If it ain't broke, take it apart & see why not!
  2. Check the article on THG about the review on sound card. In brief, it analyses how Realtek, C-Media, SoundStorm, Audigy2 and Fortissimo III affect gaming and guess what? SoundStorm beats Audigy2 in every tests, so I think your theory for on board sound will be broken. Read carefully on how SoundStrom differs from Realtek and C-Media; and how it screws Audigy2, hehe :)

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  3. You could save some money here and there. But, <b>WOW</b>, that looks like it'll rock dude. :smile:

    :smile: Peace comes only after absolute victory :smile:
  4. Couple suggestions (it just looks like you picked the best of the best(and brands), but stop and think about it a little) You used right?

    1. Like everyone said you're just wasting money on A2.
    2. A7N8X already has the RAID controller.
    3. Liteon is much preferred on this board than plextor.
    4. Unlike that other guy, I would buy a floppy just cause.
    5. If you're OC'ing your CPU the SLK 800U is one of the best (just FYI)
    6. You could get a full KYBD and mouse wireless for the price of about one MX700. Do you really want to pay ~$60 for a wireless mouse?? (LOL I don't)
    7. Western Digital has performed better than maxtor. Just cause maxtor has the ATA133 w/ 8 mg cache doesn't really mean anything. (WD= ATA100 w/ 8meg) Also maxtor ONLY has a 1 yr warrenty whereas WD has 3 yr.
    8. Make sure the cables are twisted pair, and the grounding shield wouldn't hurt as well.
    9. As far as RAM, I personally think 1GB is overkill. I don't know if anyone can back me up on this, but 512 is very sufficient for now. I guess you can buy it if you want though....

    I would recommend to spend a little more time on your setup. Research will only help you. Hell I spent a couple weeks deciding on which HSF I wanted.

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  5. shameless bump
  6. What, you didn't get enough info?

    If it ain't broke, take it apart & see why not!
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