Selling my 2 week old (Purchased 1-28-11, Used since 1-31-11 also registered that day) EVGA GTX 460 SE 1GB. The reason I'm selling is because I saved enough money to SLI GTX 570's. Never Overclocked or did anything that would void the warranty.

Would like to get $115 Shipped Priority Mail (Tracking #) via USPS. I only accept PayPal. PM me or reply if you're interested. Comes with retail box and all accessories.

eBay: ivanlbc562 (100% Feedback)

Heat: ivanlbc562 (1-0-0) Just started using it

Tom's Hardware: ivanlbc562 (Sold a XFX 5750)

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  1. Lowered price.
  2. ivanlbc562 said:
    Lowered price.

    Might want to change your description (and not just title) to reflect that.
    Interesting seeing this thread pop up on both Toms and AT. :hello:
    Good luck with your sale.
  3. Oops, sorry about that. Yeah it's on both forums.
  4. Admin... close please :P
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