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My friend bought a new laptop with Windows 7 Premium 64-bits (not RC version). If he leaves it running for several hours like all night, it will shut down by itself. Is there a problem with this laptop or is it a Windows 7 feature? If is Windows 7 related, how can he disable it? He uses procceses that takes hours to complete and the laptop keeps shutting down on him. Any help will be highly appreciated.
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    It's probably going into sleep and/or hibernation mode. Go to Power Options>Change Plan Settings and set it to put the computer to sleep "Never". Then follow this tutorial to disable hibernation.
  2. shutdown completely or just sleep or hibernate?

    if it shuts down completely, might be a overheating problem...sure the laptop is not an HP?
  3. Thank you for your replies. I hope the laptop is just going to hibernate mode.
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