What is the best FPS controller?

I'm torn between the different options for FPS controllers. I currently have a Belkin n52 te and i like it a lot, but there are a few things that I find annoying about it, and I'd like to consider other options (I can return the n52 to WorstBuy).
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  1. its all about what you find annoying. the g13 is huge. the n52 is what i use for games that have alot of function/ability keys like mmo's or some strategy games.

    i use the good old keyboard and scroll wheel mouse with fps games. just my taste though.
  2. for FPS? no controller , mouse and keyboard and to the above poster, it is not a matter of taste its a matter of fact. If you play on a PC there is no reason to screw around with a controller, i would be stunned to learn someone is actually able to compete (of course the occational kill is inevitable) in online games with a controller. As I recall it is initially akward to use a mouse and keyboard (but that was years and years ago for me duke nukem 3d I believe was my first pc shooter) You simply cannot beat the hand eye superiority of the mouse.
  3. Thanks for the replies - I ended up buying the Logitech G13 and I am EXTREMELY happy with it. Yes, it is large, but being that the idea is to get the main keyboard out of the way, that really isn't an issue for me.

    To the last poster, I think you are missing the idea here; that being to replace the keyboard, not the mouse. If I wanted to control my gun with a D-pad, I would have kept my PS3. No, my gripe is that of using a big clunky keyboard for the use of just a handful of keys. These left hand controllers are the cat's ass: ergonomic, customizable, and just plain easier to use.
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