Please help me, my motherboard has just fried its self and i need to get a new one, now i really dont know too much about them but i would like to get the best one available to match and maximize the performance of my current hardware, plus i would like the benefits new technologies like Raid, USB 2.0(maybe even a on board decent sound card and 10/100 NIC AGPx8?, but not essential) And also would like the best performance possible out my cpu by fast FSB etc.
now i know my system is not the best i do know you can help guide me towards a motherboard that will have these newer tech's and really compliment the rest of my hardware.
My System is a 1.2 AMD thunderbird, MS-6330 Lite3(Cooked!!)
3x128Mb SDRAM dimms, Liteon 48x48x12 burner, pioneer117 dvd 1x80 Gb seagate barracuda and 1x40 Gb Western Digital hard drives and a GeForce 2 mx 32 Mb, thank you in advance for any help offered and for listening to my rambling. CHEERS!
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  1. I think in order to get the new technologies you list, you're going to have to dump the SDRAM and go buy some DDR with your new board. They just don't make much anymore that uses SDRAM.

    If you buy a stick or two of DDR, then the door is wide open... All of the current generation Athlon platforms will take your old T-bird just fine. Most will tell you to go buy one of the new nForce2 boards out there. Some niggly little issues with those boards but the Asus A7N8X Deluxe seems to be the board of choice there, although all the new nForce2 boards seem pretty good.

    Your alternative is to go with a Via rig and they are just coming out with a new chipset version, the KT400a is just beginning to hit the streets. Your choice on which manufacturer... ask a dozen guys in this forum, you'll get a dozen answers on which board is best.

    Read some reviews before you buy and make sure whatever board you pick has all the features you want. Lost Circuits is a good site that does some nice evalucations of boards.

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  2. I agree, you might want to consider getting DDR ram.
    Also, by getting a DDR mobo, you'll have better upgradeability in the future.

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