PSP underestimated

I'll (mostly) reproduce here a comment I've posted on the recent news about 50M PSPs sold. Do you agree with me?

I have a PSP, love it, and think it's underestimated.

I considered buying a DS, but was afraid I would stick the stylus thruogh the touch screen on the shaky bus I play every day when going to / coming back from work. I also liked the PSP's bigger screen and its higher res, the analog button, more powerful 3d and more mature selection of games. I also don't bother charging it every couple of days, the battery lasts enough for my use.

People complain many games are PS1/PS2 ports or rehashs. Well, I have neither, so I can't argument here. But to say the games are not engaging? The games I've played are VERY ENGAGING, at least for me who was playing them for the first time.

I mean, maybe if you've played every launched game on your PS2 you won't see enough value on the PSP. But I think there are many worse ways to spend your time on a bus, where you won't have access to a regular console. In this regard the PSP was a blessing to me.

People also complain about the "small" game library. Come on, there are hundreds of titles! I've finished about a dozen, and there are still lots of titles that I'm looking forward to play. Maybe if you spend lots of hours playing every day you will find the library small. All I can say is that I play about 10 hours a week there is plenty of content to keep me happy.

Besides, I think people don't envision the kind of freedom you get from a portable. I didn't (before buying it). You can play on your bed at night and just put it aside when you are done. You can play on your couch if your wife is watching a boring soap opera. You can take it anywhere. No wires, no TV. It's much better than a note/netbook. It's almost like crosswords puzzles, you only have to recharge it every now and then.
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  2. I'm in no way affiliated with Sony. I was simply stating my opinion - actually, I was agreing with other people's comments. I think that's what a forum is all about. I have no interest in the PSP doing good (other than more developers deciding to aim their games at it). You can call me a fanboy if you want (though I'm considering buying a DS as a second portable), but imply I'm being paid to give my opinions in a forum? Please, give me a break.

    Wouldn't I be stupid if I implied you are being paid by AMD and Intel because of your logo? Well, you are doing something like that.

    Anyway, I feel I'm just wasting my time here, since the only reply I got was this flame. I guess I'll stick to reading the news.
  3. We frequently get threads started by people with very low postcounts advertising products, your post read like marketing.

    I apologise that on this occasion my anti-spam crusade may have caused collateral damage and I shall now adjust the sensitivity of my STOP RIGHT THERE ADVERTISING SCUM! cannon down a notch.
  4. I agree. I have a psp and used while backpacking through europe. It sure made those long plane or train rides much better (at least when there was nothing to look at out of the window). However, I do feel like there is not much concentration towards the making of new games for psp's. I on't have many myself (mostly cause of the price of the games and me having to choose to either buy pc games or psp and since psp is just laying around and gathering dust, I have not bought any games recently). I would love for a psp to eventually be able to run gta IV, since my own beast pc cant run it...Anyway though, I do agree with you. It is underestimated.
  5. Apologies accepted, djcoolmasterx.

    Stranger, I used to play a lot of games on my PC. But since my child was born I don't have much time to play games at home, I spend all my time at home with my kid and he is too young to have any interest in games (he is only one year old). Since I changed jobs, I started to take a longer bus ride, so the idea of redirecting my gaming hobby to a portable came naturally. I did some research, talked to some friends, and decided to buy the PSP. Now my PC's video card is the one collecting dust, Aero isn't enough for it to flex its muscles. Opposite usage patterns. Funny, huh?
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