I have a router but my psp wont find the connection.

We got a new modem awhile ago its a sceintific atlanta. I have all the info written down
Sceintific atlanta___2203c
cable modem/emta
My psp found my old connection find before but i put the psp right up to it and qhwn i scan the connection wont even show up. What can i do to figure out what is going ona nd get my my modem to the point where the psp will find its connection.
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  1. is the ssid being broadcast or is it hidden?
  2. 13thmonkey said:
    is the ssid being broadcast or is it hidden?

    How would i go about finding out that info? Petty much i know i can get on it somehow the signal is not getting put out there or something. My psps wont pick it up no matter what. I dont know where to go to look or change the info about the router and all the settings,etc. and what i need to change and if its protected where to go tto get the wep code. Ive done it before a long time ago but i cant remember what i needed to type in.
  3. Read your manual andd make sure ssid (the name of your wifi network) is broadcast and mac filtering is off. Also make sure you are using an encryption type compatible with your psp. Usually you access a routers settings using a web address. RTFM !!!
  4. Nb, when you have got the psp working, it's good practice to use Mac address filtering and add the mac addresses of all the devices you use for that network. Is a nice extra layer of security for you neetwork.
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