Trade parts--need 775 mobo or AM2 CPU

My friend's motherboard just broke and he needs to get it up and running again.

Does anyone have an extra LGA 775 motherboard (DDR2 800 or faster) they'd be willing to trade for some of my parts or sell cheaply?

I could also trade parts to get a CPU for an extra AM2 motherboard I have and he could use that build.

I've got an extra AM2 motherboard (also an AM2+ that I'm more attached to), some extra hard drives (160-500GB, IDE & SATA), a bunch of 1GB sticks of DDR2, a GeForce 8400GS, a GeForce 5600 AGP, CD Burners, and some random other stuff like DDR, an old 775 mobo that runs DDR, SDRAM, and an old Athlon from 2000 or so.

My friend's got an E2200 (he's attached to it), 9600GSO (EVGA 768MB DDR2 35% OC), WD 5000AAKS, and some other stuff. I'll have him post and say what he's willing to trade.

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  1. I'm dalauder's friend.

    I've got a 9600 GSO , WD 5000AAKS, and one more spare 9600 (which requires a PSU connection, unfortunately, but is stronger than the other one).

    I'd like to avoid selling the E2200, but if a good offer is made on it, I can part with it and try to go up a level with the money from selling all these parts.
  2. Welll..... sadly I didn't do builds prior to AM3. Haha sorry. I have a Pentium D I believe, but that's like prehistoric. That kind of is... recycled.
  3. Recycled? I do have a use for a Pentium D (My Dad's using a socket 478 Pentium 4 2.4GHz). I'll Paypal you $2 to mail it in an envelope at your leisure.
  4. Haha by recycled, I don't even know where it is. I suppose it is 478 socket. XD 3. something ghz, I dun remember.
  5. Wikipedia says Pentium D's are all socket 775--which I have a DDR 400 mobo for. But don't worry about finding it. Would you happen to have extra AM2+ CPU's laying around? Some AM3's work with that and I've got an extra AM2+ board.
  6. I actually do not. How much would a 555 get me? XD
  7. Hmmm...I might have a use for that. I have to check if I can flash my bios to take 95W and lower CPUs. I think it'll run it though.
  8. N/m--answered my own question that it's C3 only.
  9. I'm gonna check if a 565 works with my two AM2 motherboards. If it works with either, I'm definitely interested in a 555.

    How much would that get you? Well a new 555 is $90. So how new is your 555? I'd assume 75% of the new price would be appropriate if it has not seen excessively high voltages. How high does it overclock staying within manufacturer specs? If it's an especially good overclocker and unlocker, that might warrant an additional 5% or so. Does it unlock? Does it come with the stock heatsink? Thanks, if you're still interested.
  10. i have an am2 anthlon x2 4400, its been laying around the house so it has a couple bent pins, that could be easily rebent into place.
  11. If the AM3's don't work, then I'll probably be interested in the Athlon x2 4400. How much would you plan on selling it for? It'd have to be cheap but I'd pay something for sure.
  12. Alright! The Phenom II x2 560BE works...mostly. I need to use an Ntune trick to get the multiplier right on Windows startup--but that'll do. Aznshinobi, you said you have an extra 555BE?
  13. PM sent
  14. Sorry hope you got my pM dalauder.
  15. Huh? A new PM, or the one from the 16th saying you aren't selling the Phenom II x2?
  16. ^ Oh I can't sell the 555 because that's actually being used right now. By my father.
  17. dalauder said:
    If the AM3's don't work, then I'll probably be interested in the Athlon x2 4400. How much would you plan on selling it for? It'd have to be cheap but I'd pay something for sure.

    Honestly shoot me an offer, i have no idea what its worth.
  18. Oh, I got the AM3 working--so I won't be needing the Athlon x2 4400 AM2+. That's probably worth about $20. Thanks though.
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