Need a good pc game..

So Im ordering the parts for my new pc on monday, possibly friday and I want to get a new game to play. So far I have, both company of heroes, bf2, bf2142, cod4 and thats about it. I have other older games but dont play them anymore and Im burnt out on COD4 and dont play bf2 much and 2142 at all........ So Im kinda wanting a FPS to play...

Im thinking about getting COD5, is it worth the $50? I dont want some space **** like Fallout 3....

What do you guys think?

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  1. I would recommend "Kane and Lynch Dead Man", it is very addictive. It has the graphics of Assassin's Creed maybe alittle bit better. It is a third person shooter game, but at the same time, there is no other shooting game that I like more than "Kane and Lynch Dead Man"(That would be for the pc. It is only $15 at game stop, and there are still some copies left here and there that I saw. I wuold definitely recommend this game, if you don't care about the multiplayer mode. It is xbox360 controller compatable as well. It is also preety long and challenging, got up to the 12th mission, after about 6 months. The missions are kind of long also that is another reason that I only got up to mission 12. Best single player, and you can also play 2 player on campaign mode if you have an xbox 360 controller, if you want to. The game is unique and cannot compare it to any game, maybe it is because I don't have too many games, I am sure there is some game that is reety similiar to this one.
  2. LEFT 4 DEAD!!!!
    But I always say that :)
  3. Try Fallout3, lots of depth and good game play, good game IMO.
  4. I've tried Left 4 dead and it was ok but not my thing.. I more of a war game type guy...

    No new war FPS's coming out?
  5. Have a look at the EA website, BF1943 is coming out using the frostbite engine - tasty! Still in beta though, Battlefield Heroes is also due this year which is more cartoony.
  6. Save your cash and wait for BF1943....
  7. I just now looked up 1943, looks a lot like 42, cept increased graphics....Also, im not sure but it looks a tad cartoon'ish . Ill have the $ for it when its released Im sure. If I get paid today/tomorrow... and Newegg is still giving away COD5 with the video card I want, then Ill just buy crysis... that way I'll get both of those games.
  8. lol
  9. Kane and Lynch Dead Man is a lot like the 007 games, that would the closest match to what you are looking for that I know of besides the games that you have mentioned.
  10. Try to find crysis or crysis warhead at circuit city before it liquidates it stores completely. I would suggest Crysis Warhead, because it is more of a fun game to. Crysis plays better with nvidia, and and crysis warhead plays better on Ati radeon, At least on my laptop and desktop.
  11. Im getting the XFX GTX 285, comes with COD5 and Farcry 2 and Im going to buy Crysis for $25 @ wal mart. So Ill be set for a while.. Not to mention, Ill get to play Company of Heroes MAXED out now!! My current comp. sucks ass on that game :(
  12. lol go **** urself.
  13. Crysis is definately worth $25.00. I've played through it a couple times and still play it. I've found new ways of going about the missions each time. Crysis warhead is a lot more linear and shorter but still fun. Your GTX 285 should do well with both. I have a GTX 280 and I'm running Crysis at Ultra High with 2x AA at 1900x1200 res on my i7 system. Absolutely gorgeous. You can also download a mod that brings photorelistic lighting to the game from Crymod. It's called "Naturalmod". COD 5 is okay, like COD 4 except in WWII with flame throwers to play with.
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