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I'm new to these forums but Im a long time THG reader. Anyways, I'm going to be building a new computer from scratch in about a week or two. Heres the deal: I bought computer back in 2000 and it came with win98se. march 2004 we bought a retail version of XP Home edition(upgrade version!), installed it and activated it and everything worked fine. Now, ive read that you can only use one version of XP on one computer. I also read on these forums that all you really have to do is call up microsoft and explain that your building a new computer and they should give you a new activation code. Does this really work? Also since my version is an upgrade version for win98, 98se, and millenium edition, will it still work on a brand new computer(i also have all of the win98 discs and all of the XP discs w/box and documents with it)?

What should I tell them when I call them? What information should I have present? Thanks for the help.
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  1. I have told them multi things, most have been ture. Virus had to reformat, built new system. One of my buddies, (who has to read everything that he agrees to) I think read that you can have it running to 2 systems in the house hold. Dont hold me to it becuase I dont remember for sure. I have installed the winxp from my old system and put it on the new one with no problems. I just told them that i had built a new system, or had to reformat because of a virus.

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  2. When you go to install XP, it will look for a prevoius version of Windows. When it can't find it, it will ask you to insert the CD for a previous version, to make sure you actually have one. Other than that, just tell them you built a new system or reformatted for whatever reason. I've never had a problem installing XP on more than one machine.

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