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I have been building computers for about 4 years now. I just purchased a Dell Laptop and now would like to convert from AMD to a high performance P4 system for my gaming. I could just as easily build one. I am not a overclocker. Question #1 is: What kind of motherboards does Dell use? Are there parts of some quality? Or should I stick to the good old fashion buy everything and put it together?


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  1. I believe the mobo's dell uses are made in the sweat shops in China.....J/K

    I think you would get a bigger performance boost if you buy everything yourself. One thing I can say is that Dell seems to accomodate different components you put in yourself. (lookin at my friends systems)
  2. Cool! Thanks for the update. I am planning on buying a INTEL 850 motherboard with RAMBUS ram. Can you or someone explain the major differences between DDR and Rambus. I am a little rusty on my PC800, PC1066, etc.


  3. That's a very broad question.. read up on it and ask a more specific question...

    To err is human... to really screw things up you need a computer!
  4. Thats an easy question. Anyone willing to give me a short summary on RAMBUS and DDR techonology?

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