Counter Strike 1.6 Dedicated server Setup Help Using Router

Hi, Im having Major Problems Creating a Darn Server On counter strike 1.6. I have a Linksys WRT54G Router connected on 2 computers. I went on almost over 50 sites on how to setup a server. I downloaded HLSDupdatetool and tried everything i could.

My IpAddress:
default Gateway:
My external Ip:

DNS servers:

I Went into my Router and forwarded my ports Like this.

CS1 1200 to 1200 Both Checked box
CS2 2700 to 27015 both Checked box
CS3 27020 to 27039 Both Checked Box

The only person That Can connect on the server is me.. What im trying to accomplish is for people around the globe to connect to the server but its not letting me..

My server ip Says

I have No idea Whats the problem.

I went to My internet protocol and Manually setup the Ip. (the way Other sites Told me)

Can you Guys please Help me with a Bunch. I tried everything i could but its just not getting the hang of it..
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  1. People who want to connect need the external IP address not your network address.
    The is a local network address. Are you giving them My external Ip: ?
    give them that and your router should forward the stuff to the CS server on your PC.
  2. Yeha but the problem is. That i dont know how to change the Ip on dedicated server.
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