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Hello there...Am kinda new to this forum and website...In any a computer technician for a retail company (i fix computers).. I build desktops on the side.
(I guess everyone on here is too) ...I will like to build a desktop for you...Normally I want you to tell me what your budget is and what you need your computer to do and I can build one for you "tailor made" for you...I try to keep the prices down just so I can build for a lot more people..
Just to give you an idea of what I like to build, I can do a
intel i7 quad core or AMD Phenom II sic core processor with a nice gaming video card probably something like Radeon HD 6850 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 video card...6-8gb ram and a 1TB hard drive...can add wireless network card to it too...around about price can be between $600-1500 depending on your budget...
Contact me and i will make your computing dreams come true... I also accept google checkout
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  1. Do you use Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB Hard Drives or Seagates? I just want to make sure you use the best parts.
  2. I normally use Seagates and western digital...They have been reliable for me...Tried a hitachi once but not too crazy about them...I thinking of using ssd maybe on a computer once...but havent felt the urge yet cause my hard drives havent failed me yet...thanks for the question
  3. Can you check the other thread I was discussing AM3 CPU's with you in? (

    Good to see somebody trying to give people computers much better than they get with OEMs for cheaper. There's a profit margin in there for you so everybody wins. And they get MUCH better parts than OEM and probably better support.
  4. Some people are interested in OEM builds, so I'm gonna refer them here since I hate OEM builds.
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