Canterwood & Springdale coming very soon?

Hello folks.

Are there any recent updates on when we'll start to see Intel's new dual-ddr400 Canterwood and/or Springdale chipsets on motherboards?

Springdale (Mid May / May 20 ?)
Canterwood (Mid April / April 14 ?)

Thanks much!
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  1. These dates are unchanged, as far as I know. Canterwood will be out this Monday (14th) ( :cool: ) and Springdale is scheduled for 20th May.

    I´m still not completely sure about the 3.2Ghz, 800Mhz FSB Northwood... I originally though it´d come out with Canterwood, but some people around here think it´s only coming out with Springdale...

    I´m still silently hoping it´ll be around next week, though...
  2. even postpone to june if ever release due to K7 cannot match northwood speed.Yield on 3 ghz and higher is hard to get.D-1 stepping improvement can change that but damm if they can have good yield at this speed on 0.13 that really good dont expect that du to not nescesary and better to put this resource on presscott/tejas or futher in the roadmap(P8).

    [-peep-] french
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