Crysis Warhead DX9 Sniper Scope Cuts FPS Down To 15fps, HELP?

Here is my system:

Core i7 920 OC- 3.9GHz
6 Gigs Ram OC - 1480MHz
1000 Watt PSU
Dual Sapphire 4870x2's CrossfireX

I play this game in DX10 Enthusiast 8xAA Vsync On 1680x1050 with 50avg FPS zero issues...

I just wanted to try DX9 today same specs, everything was working perfectly, 70avg FPS, until I use the scope. FPS drops to 15FPS and stays there. I went into options, disabled Vsync, the screen resets, then all is fine until i use the scope again, I turn Vsync back on, screen resets, all is fine, until i use the scope again...

I have the patch installed for warhead...

Any ideas? This is really annoying!
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  1. Why bother using DX9? Lol.
  2. There is obviously a glitch somewhere, I can't figure it out. When the screen resets itself, everything is fine again in DX9 until i use the scope again, I can actually hear my video cards "slowing down", it's a bug somewhere,

    I may just trying re-installing the game,
  3. When your rig can play that well in DX10 then why bother.
  4. try with no AA...
  5. I tried re-installing the game, updating my ATI drivers to 9.2, No AA, it still does this in DX9 only. My computer runs the game at a constant 70FPS, when i use the scope, down to 15FPS and it stays there.

    Maybe it has something to do with my Crossfire? It's just a strange problem, that I would like to figure out!
  6. Don't use Dx9 then.. or just don;t use the sniper
  7. I figured it out...

    For some reason, In DX9 mode only, when Shaders Quality is set to Enthusiast, there is some sort of bug that makes the game run at a constant 15fps after using the sniper/assault scope

    So I just put Shaders Quality down to Gamer, left everything else on Enthusiast, highest AA, Vsync On, etc... Flawless again, constant 70+ FPS

    Don't ask me why it does that though
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