My computer freezes and then shutsdown while playing LEFT4DEAD!!

Here is my story. I have been playing the game LEFT4DEAD on my Acer laptop.

But there are noticable incidents where my comp freezes and shuts down. Ive done Advanced System Care then is was okay for awhile and the same thing happens but worst.not only it shutsdown when it restarts my audio doesnt work so technically my laptop needs to be restarted twice before everything is back in order.

And the problem still exists.
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  1. If it were me I would try the following:
    try re-installing the game.
    run a memory test - memtest.
    you could try system restore.
    replace your graphics drivers.
    replace sound drivers.
    replace motherboard drivers.
    use a program called spinrite to analyse your hard disks make sure there are no knackered sectors, the os may be trying to write something there?...
    Dunno where your prob could lie but try these and at least you rule a few things out.. good luck!
  2. How are your CPU temps under load?
  3. it sounds as if ur system's CPU or GPU is overheating.

    left for dead is a CPU and GPU demanding game,
    one of these 2 (or both) are overworked and then shuttin down when reachin a certain temp.

    i believe this is ur issue
  4. I would think temps too.
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