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how can i get a online cd-key without buying game again and its nowt acceapting my cd-key so i need a new one please send me 1!
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  1. Nice try tbh.. but chances of u getting helped with ur illegal ways are just not gonna work on these forums..
  2. Sure try this: 14M-4-C0mP3t3-r3T4rD
  3. djcoolmasterx - i think you made a mistake with that key, it is 14M-4-COmPl3t3-r3T4rD
  4. If it's genuine, speak to company, if not, get bent.
  5. i referred someone to this site the other day, its awesome for cd keys,
  6. Yeah thats where I get all my cracks, its great for old stuff.
  7. i need a cd-key for Call of duty united offensive.
  8. Go on and search for it.
  9. You see getting them to go on lemon party is cool but wishing death on people for breaking copyright its a bit far, k babe :)
  10. Horray for disproportunate punishment for something I havn't done!

    Incase you havn't realised my position on piracy I suggest you read the rest of the thread.

    Although the suicide option is usually quite messy and costly to the taxpayer, maybe some sort of camp arrangement...
  11. are you suggesting a "final solution" type arrangement for these people? lol, I had so many comments I wanted to make but I think I would get in trouble for not being "PC"....lame
  12. Yes but as strangestranger has already proven Interlectual Property is far more important then human life.
  13. Quote:
    Why not just go to and do the right thing?

    :lol: Nice one.

    Do you think pirate morons post here to see how hard and hot they can get flamed?
  14. djcoolmasterx said:
    Although the suicide option is usually quite messy and costly to the taxpayer, maybe some sort of camp arrangement...

    Well if they do it right the first time, it will not cost much to tax payers at all. Slight clean up cost, but image how many carbon footprints we could erase! Not to mention the drop in piracy.
  15. Youd kinda think they would post on a website more relevevant to piracy. I use torrentfreak lol. Hey Kidding, I do actually pay for my stuff!
  16. Hey,hey hold on…I do NOT support any warez and software piracy, not at all BUT…I do not like when thief is yelling “catch the thief!” (I am not pointing on anybody of you, really no offense fellas). In other sections you can find threads like“will this GPU working on that monitor?” or “which GPU should I buy for my rig?” and when you answer buy 4870 instead of 4850 or GTX 295 instead of GTX 280 there are answers like OK but I have some budget and I can not afford to buy GTX295 or 4870x2 and I must go with GTX 280 or whatever…hell what this guy is suppose to do with GTX 280…GAMING…what is the price difference 100$-140$ …too much, 3-4 games – one month dose for heavy gamer and for regular one maybe 2 months. Are we buying GPU for short period…even enthusiasts are upgrading strong GPU on year basis…That guy is almost surely going for warez, his only one investment to gaming is his new/upgraded rig. Maybe I hurt somebody who is really honest, sorry for this, but if you are gaming and buying new stuff your budget is always flexible and main thing is to avoid crap or things that you don’t really need.

    to jdunaway – call game company or get out of here

    to strangestranger – maybe you are really pi**ed off but please use PC language, do not offend atrocities and worst failure of human history. In many countries, mainly in Europe, is such a language on the edge of crime, but I agree with your negative attitude to this.
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