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OK, here is a question. I have a Blu Ray player for my PC, but other than watching blu ray moves, which I don't do cause I have a TV and player in the same room as my computer, what else can you do with it?!?!? Does anyone know if they plan on releasing Blu Ray games for PC? I haven't heard any rumors or hints that they are releasing games on Blu Ray for PC. It just seems confusing that they invest in a blu ray player for PC, and it seems all yea can do is watch movies with it.
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  1. If you had a Blu-ray burner it could be useful for backing up data. But that's about it for now. There isn't much point in putting games on Blu-ray [yet]. For one there are not a lot of games for which the install files are larger than what a DL DVD can hold. Secondly, in the event that more space is needed, multiple DVDs, hard drive space and bandwidth for downloadable content is much cheaper and more cost effective. Even if a game could realistically benefit from Blu-ray on the PC it would still be hardly worth it since such a small number of PC users have Blu-ray drives.
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