Socket 775 CPU Retention Plate?

My friend's motherboard burned out and we replaced it with another socket 775 we had. But his old stock cooler screwed in and has no mounts in the new motherboard.

Does anyone have an extra socket 775 CPU retention plate? I'm willing to pay very small amounts for it (as it's for an extra computer anyways).

I figure it can fit in an envelope and ship for 44 cents, right?

Also, I have a stock 1366 cooler if anyone wants that. It'll be more than a couple stamps shipping though, so you'd have to pay that.
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  1. Anyone have an extra?
  2. I have a socket 775 heatsink retention bracket for a 1u server... I would assume it could work the same in a desktop motherboard. I can let it go for $3.00 + the postage. They are from Dynatron. I can grab a picture of them for you to verify if you would like.

  3. Thanks for the offer, but it's $2.70 + S/H on Amazon. I was hoping to find an extra part someone had laying around for $1.00 total. I mail old parts out for free now and then, so I was hoping someone would do that.
  4. Ahh.... I actually looked and have more than one here which I didnt realize we were about to scrap... I tell you what, if you cover postage on it, I'll send you the couple that I have. If you still want...

  5. Oh, that would be great! PM sent.
  6. Please close this topic. Thank you.
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