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Looking for $50 video card

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February 24, 2011 9:41:10 PM

Doesn't matter what brand PCI express 2.0
It doesn't have to be new either i would pay shipping if included with the $50

And I could trade for a AM3 Gigabyte GA-MA78LMT-S2, a AM3 cpu cooler(OEM)

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a b U Graphics card
February 25, 2011 11:50:13 AM

I could use the gigabyte board, but I only have a powercolor 2400xt card with 512 cache to trade.
February 25, 2011 6:05:56 PM

[delete post]
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a b U Graphics card
February 26, 2011 5:35:54 PM

I have a like new MSI ATI Radeon HD4350 that I bought within the last month. The server I was trying to build has a dead mobo, and I've given up on the project.

I have the box and all of the contents. It is missing the UPC because I filed for the rebate.
February 27, 2011 12:32:19 AM

General Location State or city and i'll think about it would you do 10 or 15 for the board plus the video card
February 27, 2011 12:33:02 AM

The board was only in use for a little less than a month(quick upgrade)
a b U Graphics card
February 27, 2011 10:58:57 AM

What are you planning on doing with the graphics card? $50 is really a bad price point. $70 (AR) gets you a Radeon 5670, which can play most games at medium settings. $15 (AR) gets you something of the Radeon 4350/4550 quality. It can decode blu-ray, I think, and play a large portion of games on LOW settings, especially when in Window Mode.
February 27, 2011 3:07:17 PM

play some American Army and b2bc
February 27, 2011 9:14:47 PM

zonemods said:
Doesn't matter what brand PCI express 2.0
It doesn't have to be new either i would pay shipping if included with the $50

And I could trade for a AM3 Gigabyte GA-MA78LMT-S2, a AM3 cpu cooler(OEM)

I have an EVGA Geforce 8600 GTS 512mb if you're interested.
February 27, 2011 9:27:13 PM

XFX Radeon HD 4350 used for a short period of time. if you can come pick it up if ur close buy
March 1, 2011 4:34:18 AM

9600 gso? cash or for traded mobo

9600 gso has never been used except for testing, runs great. I agree to your terms too ^_^
March 2, 2011 2:13:26 AM

Wow, nice find. Should close the thread now though.
a b U Graphics card
March 2, 2011 1:26:29 PM

I hope you bought it since that card is now listed at $115. TD dropped the price like that a couple weeks ago for two days too.
March 2, 2011 7:54:01 PM

i know i saw that and i didn't get it they are going to drop it again soon or i'll ebay it
March 2, 2011 7:54:50 PM

they also have a package with starcraft for 130 but i hate starcraft
March 2, 2011 7:55:19 PM

$103 not 130 sorry bout that
March 3, 2011 6:41:33 PM

search on Ebay for 8800 GTS 640, it is still a great performer for that price range.

heres one

its 10.99 above 50, performance is I think better than 9600 GT, If I were you I would go for a 9800 GTX at least, but if your power supply isn't upto it just get a 4670 instead, I just sold mine a week ago.

Now I myself am looking for a 8800 GTS 512 or 9800 GTX for a good price...
a b U Graphics card
March 4, 2011 12:25:47 AM

I have some PCI-e 2.0 Graphics cards to trade you. I want the motherboard trade. What revision is the board (1.0-3.5)?

EVGA GeForce 9600GSO 768MB (DDR2 version, no external power required, about 2/3 of a 9800GT. It has a high stable OC)
XFX GeForce 9600GSO 512MB
Radeon HD 4550 128MB (512MB Hyper memory)

Depending on your PSU, the 9600GSO 768MB or Radeon 4550 might be great for you. The 9600GSO 768MB can play all games windowed and a lot of games fullscreen just fine. It can run Dragon Age at 1680x1050 on max settings. The 9600GSO 512MB is about 75% of a 9800GT and needs a 4-pin molex (or maybe it's 6-pin standard PCI-e) connector.

These cards range in worth from roughly $20 (4550) to $40 (9600GSO 512). Considering your motherboard goes for $55 new on newegg, I think we could make a pretty good trade (with extra cash going your way depending on the card you want). Only the 4550 has HDMI out. Let's make a deal.

(I just got interested in your motherboard because I just acquired a Phenom II x2 555BE).
March 4, 2011 2:18:06 AM

Sorry I just had my friend fry the mobo(electric shock i want to smack him so hard) it doesn't work now but the problem is with the intergrated video card or curcuit out from the card.(Troubleshooting) Sorry i would still be interested in the video card and I have a new jetway laying around that i tested a week or two ago and was fine. it may bottleneck you a little (M26GT4D3) but i trade for lie 10ish
a b U Graphics card
March 4, 2011 3:36:57 AM

Sorry, but the Jetway isn't comparable. I was hoping to use the ACC feature to unlock cores and the Jetway only runs Hypertransport at 1000MHz instead of 2600MHz--the same as my AM2 board. Thanks though.
March 4, 2011 3:57:39 AM

no prob
a b U Graphics card
March 4, 2011 3:06:37 PM

Still have the HD 4350 if you need it. Would be willing to sell for $20. PM me if you're interested.
March 6, 2011 11:44:12 PM

i'm willing to sell an XFX 8800 GT for $50. pm me if you're interested.
March 7, 2011 3:03:46 AM

i wouldnt recommend an 8800, they have many issues
March 7, 2011 5:03:00 AM

shovenose said:
i wouldnt recommend an 8800, they have many issues

uhh.... even I believe that 8800s had problems the 8800 GT "was" a the "new" core different from G80. Besides Nvidia would not have revised it as 9800 GT if it had issues
July 6, 2011 3:09:19 AM

Still looking for a card? I have an EVGA GT 430 for sale... $50 shipped.
July 6, 2011 3:51:32 AM

I am willing to sell an XFX Radeon HD 4830. $50

PM me if your interested.