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I have problem with my 7vaxp motherboard due to the installation of wrong BIOS version. The manual that came with the board is for motherboard model 7VRX. I took for granted that the board is 7VRX and downloaded the 7VRX.f7 BIOS from a website and installed it not knowing that my motherboard is actually 7VAXP ver.1.1. Now when I want to boot the computer I get continuous beep right after the bios recognizes the hard drives. I have discovered the mismatch only after the problem resurfaced. Now I cannot boot into DOS with bootable diskette to reflash BIOS with a correct version. When I go to setup and use F8 to access flash utility and try load the correct BIOS from a diskette I get a TAG error.

I have contacted by e-mail Gigabyte yesterday, so far no response on their part. Does anyone have an idea if the motherboard can be salvaged? The Bios chips are soldered to Mboard.
Thanks Paul
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  1. Does your board have two BIOS chips?

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  2. 1) Go get a fresh copy of the bios .f? file and put it on a freshly formatted disk, with no other files.

    2) Turn off power at the back of your machine.

    3) Hold down the END key on your keyboard while you turn power back on this should bypass the POST and take you into a reset bios.
    (on some versions, it's the INSERT or ESC key, so you might have to try all three)

    4) Put the disk in the drive.

    5) Hit F8 for your FLASH utility.

    6) Install the <i>correct</i> bios.

    7) Boot up a couple of times to test it.

    8) Go in to the BIOS and re-do your settings.

    And... in future don't flash the bios unless it is <i>absolutely</i> necessary.

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  3. Out of curiosity, does this work on all motherboards, regardless of manufacturer?
  4. Not all...

    You really need to check the bios maker's website for the docs to be sure... but so far it's worked on all the gigabyte and Asus boards I've used.

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