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Been building complete systems using the ECS P4VXASD2+ motherboard and lately have been dissatisfied with them. I won't bore you with the details. charges $51.00 for this board. My question is:

What is the most stable mobo out there? Would be nice to have onboard video and a reliable NIC. I see there are many INTEL mobo's for $100 or more on but so many to choose from. Never had a problem with Intel mobo's so if you know of a specific model for P4 w/533fsb that would be great! If you have experienced great satisfaction using another mobo manufacturer, share that with me.

Talk with you soon!

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  1. Intel makes both boards and chipsets. Intel's boards use Intel chipsets, and are know for being kind of basic. But your biggest problem right now is that you have a generic board using a VIA chipset, most quality brand boards with Intel chipsets are supremely stable. You might consider any with the 7205 chipset (the newest Intel chipset), or the i850E (Intel's highest performance chipset), or the i845PE (Intel's latest budget priced chipset).

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  2. Very concise advice. You taught me alot with few words. So based on your advice, would the following be a good "budget" board with Intel chipset:

    Gigabyte GA-8PE800,Intel 845 chipset for P4 ATX motherboard RETAIL
    Supported CPU:Socket 478 P4 3.06 and up
    Chipset: I845PE+ ICH4
    FSB:533/400 MHz
    RAM:3x DDR 400/333 up to 2GB
    IDE:Ultra ATA 100 up to 4 devices
    Slots:1x AGP (4x) 5x PCI
    Ports:2xPS2,2xCOM,1xLPT,2x USB, Gameport and Audio Ports
    Onboard Audio:6 Channel AC97 Codec Model#: GA-8PE800


    My goal here is to stick with an affordable, reliable motherboard for all the "general use" systems I build. Right now, if I continue to use the ECS model I can build a P4 system for under $600.00. You catch my drift...

    Thanks for the collaboration! Any other suggestions are welcomed.

  3. Yes, that is a fairly good board with a solid chipset at a reasonable price.

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