My computer punished me for downloading a torrent

I thought I lost my whole hard drive. This is what went down:

I downloaded a rome total war torrent off isohunt and it came in a bunch of .bin files that had the vlc player logo on them and I used poweriso to mount each one by one as it was installing and on the last disc everything froze, I couldnt even minimize anything nor could I get to my task manager so I did the next logical thing I turned my computer off. Now this is where it got interesting. When I rebooted it, it would just freeze at the microsoft corporation loading screen and not go on or it would give me a blank screen after the intiial video card startup screen. I tried booting from both cd, from some index card partition thing on my hard drive, and it would all not do anything.

I couldnt even get to the restore cd screen as it would just freeze on the boot beforehand. What was weird as I kept turning my computer off manually and trying over and over again it would sometimes go a little further and allow me to do a bit more, like it got to the pre-startup screen once after asking if I went safe boot and than after I said yes it would freeze after installing some start-up files/drivers/bios or whatever. I thought I was totally screwed because I couldnt even get to safeboot form my bios nor could I get to the restore the hard disc screen for some reason from my restore disc. Well what finally did it was I turned my computer upside down and off and took out the cables to my hard drive and put them back in and loaded the restore disc and for some reason it did everything right and restored my system automatically to an earlier point (vista is god) without me having to lose anything including the rome total war files that I deleted right afterward.

Actually when I restarted it after physically playing with my hard drive it went through the diagnostic or repair thing vista offers and before it would just turn blank, what makes this story crazier though is that I tried turning my computer from being flat to a normal position and my fan started hitting one of my power supply wires or the cd rom connector thing or something or other and making crazy noise and I had to manually turn it off before that destroyed anything.
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  1. How much is the Rome:Total War game, why couldn't you of just bought the game as it is only £7 $10
  2. I have to confess you deserve all the problems you have for downloading games from a torrent site.

    File sharing is questionable at the best of times but downloading a game to save £7.00 is plain stupid
  3. well I just lost my job and I dont think I would play the game very long as it isnt exactly my type of game anyway.
  4. Well im guessing that you just lost your job becuase what ever company you worked for could not sell enough of something, so how do you think the employees of a game manufacturer feel when they are told they are to lose their job becuase too many people are pirating their game instead of buying it.
  5. Great story, gave me a laugh.... Format your HD and reinstall Vista..... Don't torrent anymore.. Problem solved.
  6. The guys above are right Pershing121, its just not worth it, I did a download once from a pirate site and even tho its tempting to do it, its just a pain in the ass, you open yourself up to trojons that can screw your pc up, and some of the guys here gave me a hard time when I admited to trying a download, you live & learn and the points they made out to me were spot on , doing this can put other people out of a job who work hard to make these games, so I deserved the the comments I got from people on this forum, they made me aware of what I was doing is wrong and for this I thank them, so dont do it bro.
  7. If he had downloaded copyrighted porn his Pc might have punished him with a jolly good spanking.
    Think i've seen them Toatal War games in the 3 for £10 section so it's even less than £7.
  8. Where do we get these muppets from?
  9. You should only download torrents of things you already own. Even then, i wouldn't advise it.
  10. well all the people commenting on the donwload said it worked, so I am guessing maybe it wasnt a trojan but some incompability with vista and the .bin files or it simply froze due to me doing other tasks while it unpacked/installed. And I didnt lose a job at any company, I am a student and lost my part time job at a gas station lol.
  11. I think everyone here is correct in what they are saying, and I know for sure that everyone has downloaded content at some point in their life. We each live and learn from our mistakes which hopefully makes us better people.

    What I disagree with is the abusive posts from people.... like the one from strangestrar - just a little over the top I think.
  12. Because intellectual property is more important then life.
  13. Many moons ago I downloaded the odd torrent here and there. But luckally I didn't get a virus. When I learned that viruses could infect a pc from hiding in a torrent, I changed my ways and buy everything legit. That way you are covered and can get support for it. :sol:
  14. You really are a truely wonderful person.
  15. Wonderful beyond correct spelling :)
  16. Quote:
    Nope, i have never downloaded a game, song or dvd illegally so you too can fcuk off an die and stop trying to make everyone sum like you.

    This is supposed to be a help / advice forum - not a place for people like you to swear and abuse people. If you want to do that the why dont you go down the pub have a few beers then pick a fight with someone that will give you a damn good hiding.

    If you have nothing constructive to say.... then turn your pc off
  17. Stupid viruses are everywhere these days. :( You don't even need to download anything to run into one. Two months ago I wanted to find and read a review on one brand of keyboards to reply to some thread on these forums. I googled the name of the keyboard and clicked on a link to some site. According to Google, the webpage was supposed to contain a review and there was even an extract of a text there. After I clicked on the link, I got to a webpage that claimed that my computer is scanning for files and after one glimpse I saw that those were real files and it wasn't some pre-made animation. I managed to shut it all down in 3-4 seconds by using "End Process" on FireFox, but apparently some nasty stuff got through. It took several restarts before Windows launched properly and even when it launched ok, computer was stuttering a lot. Fortunately, my anti-virus scan found the virus (or at least some virus) a month later and there haven't been any of the same problems with stuttering.
  18. Shouldn't be pirating.

    Shouldn't be TOO abusive, we all give pirates a little kicking because it's their fault we have secuROM and the like.

    I also have a 100% legit PC inc. software, music, and films. I can't afford MS Office, so I use OpenOffice. I can't afford all the films I want to see, so I go without. I can't afford the millions of CDs on my list, so I joined
  19. I take my hat off to you mi1ez.... good to know there are people around who make do with what they can afford.
  20. i agree with everyone else including strangestranger...

    /kicks strangestranger back down the stairs into the basement.
  21. Pershing you deserve all you get tbh
  22. Pershing121 said:
    And I didnt lose a job at any company, I am a student and lost my part time job at a gas station lol.

    You're so stupid that you think that a gas station is not a company :pt1cable:
  23. ulysses35 said:
    This is supposed to be a help / advice forum - not a place for people like you to swear and abuse people. If you want to do that the why dont you go down the pub have a few beers then pick a fight with someone that will give you a damn good hiding.

    If you have nothing constructive to say.... then turn your pc off
    Can't agree more. He always writes posts like that.
  24. Downloaded content from pirate sites either can't be patched or can't be played multiplayer unless you find a cracked server. Take for intance UT3. You can probably find in on just about every site you got to but can you play it online. I was in the Game store and it was on sale for like an unheard of $12.00 USD.
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