BIOS and OS/2?

In my BIOS there is a selection labeled:
"OS/2 Onboard Memory >64M"
The choices are enable/disable

What is OS/2?

ASUS P4PE Motherboard
P4 2.66
1024 Mb pc2700 DDRAM

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  1. OS/2 was IBM's competitor to Windows 3.x and Windows NT. Technically, it was very advanced, but IBM lost the marketting and development wars to Microsoft.

  2. just set it to disable since you obviously arent using os/2 software.
  3. <A HREF="" target="_new">OS/2 Warp</A> is a proprietary IBM operating system. The setting allows OS/2 to be used with 64MB of DRAM.


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  4. Thanks guys! Appreciate the info...

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