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Logitech Momo - Strange Force Feedback In F1 2002

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February 27, 2009 7:03:22 PM

Dear all,

I recently bought a Logitech Momo racing wheel [black with rubber grip]. In F1 2002, I found that with the Force Feedback set to a +ve value, the wheel hardly offers any resistance & 'slips & slides'. However, the response from the wheel is consistent. The feel of the track surface [or is it the engine vibrating?] is experienced throughout. I can feel the rumble strips, as well as a few shocks as the car downshifts, or around turns.

Upon setting the FF value to a -ve one, I found that though the handling greatly improved [no slipping & sliding], the feel of the track [or vibrating engine?] is lost on turns. It's as if the FF has been switched off while turning the wheel. During the straight runs, the track feel [or vibrating engine?] comes back on.

The ideal effect would be a combination of the two - the consistent feel of the +ve value & the resistance/stiffness and control of the -ve value

I'm currently using Logitech Wingman Profiler v5.02.116, with all settings set to default. In-game settings are set to default as well. The OS is XP SP3.

Please help. I'd heard so much about the wheel's FF but I'm not entirely happy atm. Thanks.

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March 8, 2009 6:54:11 AM

Anyone?!!! Could someone please direct me to a good gaming hardware dedicated forum, so I can seek help there? Thanks!