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ok so I'm looking to buy a new tv for my console collection and I would like light gun support(for games like duck hunt and virtua cop). The problem is that I'm a college student so i don't want something bulky (25"-35"). Also LCD and plasma tv's dont work with light guns so i would have to go crt. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations?
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  1. That's right LCD/Plasmas don't work with light guns (Except the Wii as it has a special bar that allows just that). You'd have to look for a second hand CRT as I don't think you can buy them new now.
  2. What about hd crts? or flat screen crt? will light guns work on those too? The reason I'm asking is because it would be awesome to have my 360 hooked up to the same tv as my light gun tv, that way i wont have to be dragging a bunch of tv's around.
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