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Hello, this is my first run at this and I'm trying to install Win 2k Pro as a virtual machine with VMware Workstation 4.5. I have the Win 2k CD in the drive and all four boot disk floppy images on my hard drive and I have the 1st disk floppy image selected when I start the virtual machine.

I get to the blue Windows 2000 setup screen and it asks me to insert the disk labeled Windows 2000 Professional Setup disk #2 into Drive A: Press ENTER when ready, which I do and nothing happens and I happen to left mouse click and I get this error:

"Failed to set DirectInput cooperative level: HRESULT(0x80004001: sev 1 fac 0 code 16385): Unknown error 16385 (0x4001). Could not grab input."

I have no clue what this error is and I would appreciate any suggestions on what could be the problem. Thanks.
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  1. why the heck are you messing with the boot disks?

    Have it boot off cd

    install 2k

    and there was much rejoicing by all
  2. Believe me, I don't want to mess with boot disks, but it will not boot off CD. It tells me no bootable CD, floppy, or hard disk was detected. Any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
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