W7 Ultimate with 1 tb drive- Mac Mini-Paradigm center-Want DSLR, 475

Windows 7 Ultimate full version with 32 and 64 bit discs, one cd key. This is not a newegg system builder pack, I received this directly from Microsoft from the launch party promotion. It will also come with a 1 terabyte Segate 7200 rpm drive. I just got this back from Seagate warranty exchange. 210 shipped

Intel mac mini 2.53 ghz core 2 duo, 4 gigs ram and 320 gig hard drive. It comes with restore discs, keyboard, mouse(both not apple), power and video adapters. It will come with snow leopard, aperture 3, lightroom and i life 11 installed on it. 475 shipped
Will swap for a Canon or Nikon dslr

Paradigm cc-170 center. It doesn't come with the front cover 115 shipped

Will swap for a nice head unit that has aux input

Located in Jonesboro, AR

98+ on heat under incubus2012
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