5870 Incredible Eyefinity Deal!!!

This is a great deal for anyone who wants to run Eyefinity from a powerful 2GB 5870 single graphics card:

$249 before a $30 rebate puts this at $219. It has 2GB, 6 mini DP ports, and comes with 5 passive adapters(2xminiDPtoDVI,1xminiDPtoHDMI,2xminiDP to DP). How many other graphics cards come with all these adapters? This thing ran around $500 this time last year. If you want to run 3 1080p monitors (or lower resolution), you can do it with decent performance from this card.

I just wanted to let everyone know. It won't get you max details on the newest games on all 3 monitors (but will for many on one monitor!), but out of the box you can run 3 monitors with the same resolutions in Eyefinity mode.

Additionally, Gigabyte offers a 3-year warranty on the product.
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  1. Yep they've been having some good sales on the eyefinity 6 versions the last few weeks -- the last one was the Sapphire model of the same card for $199 - $20 MIR for $179 total including free shipping.
  2. Definitely a good choice even over the 68xx series.
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