Which TV for a PS3?

Ok -- got my income tax check. Time to stimulate the ecomony by buying stuff I don't need!

Can I get a recommendation on an HDTV for a PS3?

Kinda settling in on Samsung LN46A650 unless someone has a good reason why not too. Like there is a better/cheaper options.

then HDMI cables, router and such.
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  1. I would recommend a Panasonic Plasma over the Samsung, I have seen 3 Samsungs burn up, plus the picture quality and pricing are better on the panasonic Plasmas
  2. For plasma,Panasonic does look better(the lg in my living room has pretty much the same specs but the panasonic had a noticable difference in picture quality), but samsung and sony do look better for lcd t.v., I would recommend getting an LCD tv if you are going to use it for gaming since plasma tvs an image on the screen if it stays there for to long, for about 1 minute, and takes about 2 minutes to get off. With an lcd tv there will not be any kind of problems, and they are both around the same size now. Overall for the money and for the performance I would recommend a 1080p samsung lcd tv, from $900 at the least for about 40 in and up to $2000 for the top of the line samsung, but most of the tvs that are this price can go up to 52in. Sony is about $200-600 more usually.
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