Hyperthreading support in windows 2000 server????

I am putting up a sys with P4 3.06 chipset being granite bay 7205 and mobo being asus or gigabyte (best in the class)
what i wanted to ask is whether i have to put Windows XP Pro to utilise the heperthreading support or whether Windows 2000 server supports hyper threading so that i can setup the system as a server doing graphics and serving network. i will run many graphics applications on it (adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel draw 11 and various i hope you get the jist)
please advice on the topic and also the mobos my choices are limited to availability as only Asus and Gigabyte are available with service facilities.

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  1. 2K offer a plain support

    XP offer feauture that help Ht and also made with HT in mind as Win XP was made for P4

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  2. Actually WinXP was developed primarily on AMD chips... hense the coincidence between the Windows XP and Athlon XP names... AMd made quite a bit of noise about this just before the release of WinXP.

    2k pro does not, to my knowledge support hyperthreading.

    I don't know about the win 2k server.

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