Can't detect drive when flashing xbox 360 drive.

I'm trying to flash my xbox so I can back my games up. I have an samsung m28 drive and I'm using a pci sata card VIA Vt6421A. I'm pretty sure I installed the drivers correctly for the VIA (nothing is highlighted yellow in device manager) but the cd it came with and even the files I downloaded were hard to use. I couldn't figure what exactly to install but I installed a bunch of things. I replaced the idex file in iprep 101 v006.2 resources folder, made a bootable usb drive using iprep , loaded the newest firmware (ix15-sam), and selected mtk flash. Under the device it only listed one sata device (VIA RAID controller - 3249) so i selected it and checked patch mtk flash. Everything was good and in green saying mtkflash and dos flash compatible. When I went to flash it or read it i get "No drive detected. Error: File BAckup\1234567/12345\Sam-OFW.bin does not exist. I tried using different sata cables and putting the card on different slots but it's the same thing every time. Sorry for the long post I just didn't want to leave any details out. Thank you in advance for any help.
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  1. I previously replaced the dvd drive but put the old chip in the new drive. Not sure if this matters.......
  2. got it working
  3. @temp0666, can you explain how you got it working?

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