SIS-655 Crash Issues - Requesting Help

I'm having problems with crashes during games. [Only games] I'm running out of ideas. What seems to happen is once in awhile when playing a game [MOH for example] my computer just suddenly reboots.

I first thought it was my memory, but I tried putting in pc2100 and it did the same thing. I ran memtest and 1 of my corsair chips had errors so I pulled it.

This is getting very frustrating.

Any help is appreciated.


My system:
GA-SINXP1394 Motherboard [F5 bios]
Corsair 1GB XMS twin ddr400 [Set at CAS 2.5]
[also tried Crucial pc2100's 512mb]
Radeon 9800 PRO Video card [new drivers from ATI's site]
Antec 480watt PS trueblue
Bluetooth USB Microsoft Keyboard/Mouse
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  1. It could very well be the vid card or AGP drivers. Since the 9800 is fairly new, they haven't had that much time to work out the bugs. Make sure you have the latest AGP drivers and ATI drivers, and update them as soon as new releases come out.
  2. My AGP drivers are the latest off ATI's website, but they still are dated about a month old. I also have the latest giga-byte drivers off their site.

    I talked with Corsair and adjusted my memory back to 2,3,3,6 and the errors are gone. But that did not fix my reboot problem. The system is very stable as long as I'm not playing games. When playing games I get a reboot about every 2 hours, but it seems very random. Since it did the same thing with different memory [crucial pc2100], I can pretty much rule out this is as a memory issue.

    Any idea what else I could check?

    I'm ganna put my gf4-ti4400 back in and see if it's the ATI video card.
  3. In addition to the drivers for the video card (ATI) make sure that the AGP drivers are the latest for your chipset (<A HREF="" target="_new">SiS655</A>).
  4. set the AGP to 4x and memory to CL 2.5
  5. I will check those drivers tonight Javic. Thanks

    When I had my memory at 2.5 memtest-86 showed errors on one of my chips. [Received 8 errors on test 5 between 1000mb-1024mb] I removed the second chip and ran error free on a single. Ramguy from Corsair told me to change it back to 2,3,3,6 and that fixed the error problem. After I set the CAS back to 2, I ran memtest-86 for 20 passes and I received zero erros.

    I don't really think this is a memory issue because I even changed the memory to pc2100 [crucial cas2] and the reboot issues still occured. But I will try what you suggested anyways Aldo.

    Secondly, won't setting the AGP at 4x decrease the performance of my video card for future games? If this videocard/mb combo is unstable at 8x setting, I'm just ganna box this card up and send it back for a refund. I'll just put my TI4400 back in.

    There seems to be 2 different types of reboots, but they happen doing the same thing.
    1. My computer monitor just goes to standby and the computer does not reboot. I have to hit the reset key.
    2. The computer just reboots itself.

    Again, none of this happens when the computer is in 2d. I had the computer running for 15 hours yesterday just at windows xp desktop and got zero reboots.

    Thanks for the posts. I appreciate your feedback.
  6. I looked all over the Sis website and did not see drivers for sis655. Am I missing them?
  7. Dude, did you try replacing the Video card yet. I have the Gigabyte SINXP too. I'm using OCZ DDR400@DDR336 settings 2-6-3-2. I play Unreal with no problem( with the exception of an occasional ass kicking). I'll bet it's your video and I'll bet it has alot to do with the driver. My Theory is this. Your Video card is hardly working when it comes to anything else, but the Video game. When you run the Video game, finally the Video card is doing some work. Then, the game asks the Video card for a certain instruction/setting change/feature and the card trips out. It could be that the game needs a patch so that the new card can intepret the game better. Have you tried running a DVD on the system? If not try that and see if your system does the "Boot Boogie". Playing DVDs puts a decent strain on the 9800 and it may help you decypher the problem. have you contacted the makers of the games? What did they say? What game are they anyways? Have you tried disabling your hyperthreading? who knows?
  8. Games this happens on are Medal of Honor and Everquest. Last night I played for 4 hours non-stop before it rebooted. Same thing.. the monitor goes to standby and I have to hit the reset button.

    Is it possible the video card is getting too hot? How would I check that?

    My case is a beast though. I have the Thermal-take case with tons of fans so I know I have good airflow. This is driving me nuts.

    Think it would be worth while reinstalling windows xp?
  9. Next time it reboots, take off the case side panel (i suggest unscrewing it ahead of time so you're not slowed down), and reach in and feel the video memory and GPU heatsinks and the cpu heatsink from the side. Also check the northbridge heatsink (may have to reach from the side if it has a fan) and the southbridge.

    None of them will seem hot when you touch them just a second, but hold your finger there for a few seconds. If after 2 or 3 seconds it becomes uncomfortably hot and you have the urge to remove your finger, it's probably overheating.

    Unfortunately you have reasons to discount just about everything I'd normally tell you to check...

  10. Well.. I put the TI4400 back in and that seemed to elimate the random reboots. I guess that kind of narrows down what the problem was.

    I guess my next step is to try to contact ATI tech support.

    I'm going to go post in the video card forum since that is a more appropriate place for this.
  11. Just to add another possible cause, what kind of Power Supply do you have and what's it rated at. With "tons of fans" and a radeon 9800 maybe your PS isn't up to the task.

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