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I recently purchased supreme commander for the xbox 360, I had it for pc but my comp couldnt run it well, Mainly purchased to play online but to my horror noticed nobody plays the game has had bad reviews but surely not bad enough for people not to play,

So my question is why does no one play :( ?
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  1. I invested many hours into this on the PC, and whilst I have not played it on the xbox, I would have thought that the lack of a mouse would make it near on impossible to play. The speed that the game requires you issue orders at, and the lack of hesitation between the sequenced orders would, I presume to be too precise to issue on a control pad.
  2. I agree with dreadhead, RTS games generally don't work on consoles unless they're developed from the ground up to do so, eg Halo Wars which I'm currently playing, but wouldn't really say it's all that good.

    Controls are well streamlined but there are many features PC RTS games have that I really find myself wanting - control groups (best way to make more units while controling an attack group in my opinion, in HW you have to scroll back to your base, click the building, make units, scroll back to combat), waypoint movement, etc etc etc.

    I've come to the conclusion that RTS games don't really work on consoles, turn-based ones might though since you don't have to rely on a quick input system to manage a multi-pronged attack.
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