Home Built Sandy Bridge PC For Sale.

I recently have come to some unfortunate Job situations, and I need to sell my computer I built about 2 months ago.
This is not a Solicitation.


1.) AZZA 1000 Solano Case - BLUE LED as well as an additional 120mm Silverstone Blue LED fan.
2.) Corsair 750 watt Power Supply
3.) ASROCK Extreme 4 P67 Motherboard - (This one has the sata 3, 3gbs port issue, However nothing is plugged into those ports.)
4.) 120gb Intel SSD X-25M (Plugged into Port 0 Sata 6gb port.
5.) 500GB WD Black Harddrive, Plugged into Port 1 Sata 6gb port
6.) Windows 7 Home Premium
7.) 4GB Corsair 1600 Memory
8.) TWO Sapphire 6850's In Crossfire
9.) Run of the Mill Normal DVD RW DRIVE
10.) Core i-5 2500k Processor

All Components are 2 Months old, and work 100 percent as they are supposed to. I love this PC but its got to go sadly. I have built many PCS, and usually pass them onto my friends when I build new however, not this time..

My Question is not to solicitate on the forums but to see how much this computer is Really worth.

What Could I Reasonably Get for this computer on a site such as EBAY or in general?

Thanks guys.
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  1. Why not just add up the cost @ newegg as if you were going to buy another...then knock off 10%. I'd probably try to sell locally so you can avoid ebay's final value fees and possible scammers. Give craigslist or enthusiast forums a shot if you're in a reasonably large city.
  2. Ok thanks I'll Try that.
  3. You could also try your local computer store. My local one buys parts from old pc builds for good prices.
  4. This should be located in the classifieds sections of the forums.
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  6. Well if anyone is interested, It's a beast computer and parts are less than 2 months old, lightly used. It would be nice to get more for what all the parts are added up on newegg. =)
  7. Id include a lcd 21.5 inch 1080p HP215m monitor as well. About a year old
  8. I am interested in it. What is price you ask?

    I have a question. It is reported that there is a defect on mobo for SNB, and factors have call these defective motherboards back.

    Dont you want to change a good mobo?

    Besides this point, everything is what I want.
  9. staind said:
    Id include a lcd 21.5 inch 1080p HP215m monitor as well. About a year old

    Whats your email? I would love to talk to you about the price and shipping it.

    Thanks Travis
  10. values around $1020 for the pc without the lcd
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