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Hi folks. I would like anybody to chime in with suggestions on any game I might try. I don't game much anymore, in fact I haven't bought a new game for probably 3-4 years. I think Half-Life 2 was the last one :) I don't have any current consoles, either. I like shooters mostly, but others as well. My PC died recently so I built a new one; Core2Duo 3.0ghz, 4gb ram, Radeon 4830. That was pretty much all my budget allowed for. My monitor goes up to 1280x1024.

So, I don't have much time to game anymore so I'm trying to pick out one or two top-notch games that will also show me what my new rig can do. Any suggestions?
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  1. Crysis. I've recomended this game a number of times on this forum but it's a fun FPS and the graphics are great. You can pick it up brand new for about $30.00. Call of Duty World At War is another FPS with nice graphics.
  2. Depends on your gaming style, I think Oblivion is one of the best game play games of the last few years. although its no longer stand out amazing graphics like it was at release it is still respectable, and texture mods can help out a bit.

    Crysis is pretty much the best looking game out there, with your relatively low resolution you may well be able to get it playable without sacrificing too many whistles and bells.
  3. have you played hl2 ep1&2? The orange box has these and TF2 and portal. Great fun!
  4. Left4Dead, Battlefield1943 (due soon), or you can pickup the older BF collection for about a tenner and I still play that, empire total war, GRID. TF2 looks cool too although never playd..
    Thats my 2cents worth anyhoo
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I might try Crysis. What do you think about Fallout3? I know it's not a shooter. Is it pretty impressive, graphically?
  6. i have not played fallout 3 yet. but the graphics are realistic. gave it 9.4 out of 10. you can download the video review from the following link -

    i think you should play far cry 2, assassin's creed, call of duty 5 and f.e.a.r. 2. you can surely run these games in max graphics settings in 1280x1024. :D

    you may also like gta 4 or crysis but you will face framerate drop in max graphics settings. :(
  7. Pie depending on what games your into, There is a RANGE of games. Any of the suggestions the guys above me listed, are very great. But if you into mmo's i would suggest WAR. But other than that, Diablo 3 hopefully will be out sooner or later, and im sure your in tune with what diablo is. But, My suggestion was try Xbox 360 See how you like it. If you enjoy pc gaming better, Any of the Suggestions above are great.
  8. If you're looking at Crysis, for $47 at the egg, Crysis Maximum Edition should be out now. Comes with Crysis, Warhead, and Wars (multiplayer.) If looking for bargin hunting, HL2 episode 1 and 2 for $10. Fallout 3, get that used, there's no registration CD key, so second hand is fine. Another bargin on a flashy FPS is Unreal Tournament 3 on Steam for $12 till the 15th of March. I've only played it on the free weekend they just had, but that was enough for me to buy it. Its coop sometimes and all out frag fest others. Bots are built in if you don't want to get involved online. Now if only I didn't have to show up for work.
  9. Can't say enough good things about Fallout3 it's the only game I've ever played were I sometimes 'feel inside of it'. There were times when I would actually get depressed while playing it, the game really screws with your mind if you let it, I've heard others say the same thing, you can't go wrong by getting it, lots of things to do in the game it will keep you busy for months.
  10. I would really try "Kane and Lynch Dead Man", which was a pretty addictive third person shooter game to me.
  11. Left 4 Dead has me hooked right now. The bonus is that it is the source engine. It still looks good but isn't that demanding on a system. Great online play. When the SDK is released the maps will bust out like the zombie hoards!
  12. what im playing is Cabal and Atlantica Online so thats what will i recommend to you
  13. Left 4 dead and i thinks there's a new game called porta.. its like half life 2.. hehehe...
  14. Go with Fallout 3. It is really good. Great Graphics, Great gameplay, everything is great! Only problem is it crashes without the patches and updates but other than that it is an amazing game!
  15. If you want to try a game that is not too time consuming yet fun and interactional at the same time you can try The Brute. You just create a fighter and the adventure begins. Good luck to you all and i hope to find you there :bounce: :kaola:

    Official site :
  16. Get crysis from j and r world for $28 or $30 at best buy, if you want to get that game.

    I would recommend Kane and Lynch( Third person shooter game)(only $15 at game stop), but it does not have the greatest graphics, graphics are still good though.
  17. fallout3 for me was the best game ive played in a while which i was hooked on right until the very end of it, my most favourite part of the game is when u leave vault 101 for the first time and the sun kind of blinds you and you slowly get used to it, to me that looked so realistic
  18. Try Starpoint Gemini. It is new game but not too hardware hungry. I m playing it for a several days now, and it is a remarkably good. Ofcourse, give it a try only if you are into the genre. SPG is a space game, combination of tactical simulation and RPG system. You are in command of a starship, you travel freely (yes, the game is full freeform) through a vast designed universe, trade, ally, or fight against factions, individuals... Your ship is much like your character, you upgrade it, change it, develop its weapon abilities, develop your own skills as a captain etc...Anyways, a few weeks ago I haven't even heard of this game, and it has given me so much fun and challenge. A nice surprise. There is a gamepage at, and also a very vivid community at I suggest you take a look
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