Best hom Anti-Virus?


McAfee is crap. Norton's 2004 Pro slipped through a few trojans.

What are my options?

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  1. nothing is perfect, nortons is one of the best. counter-strike game server -
    now featuring valve security module!
  2. <A HREF="" target="_new">Panda AV/firewall</A>
  3. There are two anti-virus programs, which are free for the home user, available from the Kim Komando web site. Give them a try, and if you don't like them you can always buy something else. Panda Platinum7 is excellent...I had an opportunity to try it free for a year. But it is not cheap, so I am trying the free ones available at:

    From my experience I would avoid the Norton crap...their background junk is a resource hog.

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  4. The safest I've used (and using till this day;) is AntiVir Guard (Made in Germany), and another good thing about it that it is free for personal use :)

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  5. Im sure panda is very popular and useful, and the program blah said aswell, but you have to try them all and see which one is more useful for you. i used to have norton , then i found a program named DR.web, you can download it from, then go to this site : , and download the crack(careful of spyware, the file is clean anyway). i must admit that this program has a very bad programing engine, for example: it checks the memory every time you run it, and while its scanning the memory, if you do any thing else it will crush. but if you scan with it, it will seriusly find any kind of virus on your computer.
  6. Tried several free ones. I had trouble getting updates with Antivir from Germany. What I've been using for several months is for personal use.

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  7. Having just finished a 9 month test and review of anti-virus software, I won't make you wait around until our site goes live. Norton isn't bad. I would say that it ties for number two with F-Secure. The best we found was Kaspersky Anti-virus. It's not cheap, but how much is your system integrity worth?

    In firewalls, I would have to say that ZoneAlarm Pro and Kerio Personal Firewall Pro 4.0 are about even, though ZoneAlarm adds in more bells and whistles, when it comes down to firewall performance, they tie.

    Do not, under any circumstance, pay for ZoneAlarm Security Suite. The anti-virus is Computer Associatees cheap-ass trash anti-virus and it sucks tree stumps.

    That said, Panda gave us real problems. Same for Trend Micro PC-cillin. Neither one could be used on a system with ANYTHING made by Norton.

    The part that upset me most was that none of the products proved able to stop totally unknown Internet worms. So, it makes sense to run at least anti-virus, firewall, and a worm guard of some kind, plus a Trojan scanner, then finish up with something like Ad-aware Pro for zapping adware.

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  8. hehe, you are absulutuly correct about running a few things at once. I personally have AntiVir, ZoneAlarm and SpyBot on all zee time, works ok, no wormz, no viruses, no penetrations (I mean PC ones;)

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  9. Great. I didn't expect all this info. Spank you very much.

    I'm just tired of surfing and get this stupid trojan-droppers. My clients have the same issues. And one of them only frequents Oprah's site (???)

    Your right with Trend. The whole Officescan suite depends on the server. If the server fails, the whole network fails.

    And the management of F-Secure really suck.

    Norton's Corporate edition is good. But it doesn;t come with scriptblocking as their 2003 and 2004 versions are.

    I will be installing Symantec corp ed v9 suite tomorrow at my client. May be interesting. Apparently it has scriptblocking?

    Anyone ever used SoFast? They are apparently the best (And most expensive)

    There is also a company trying a new thing in this country. The install everything and your virus updates comes via a dedicated satelite. WTF?

    Last week I still removed the KAK worm and CIH. I think your grandfathers would remember about them back in those days.

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  10. Try NOD32

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  11. My client ran Nod32. Slipped in a few trojans. Mind you. He even had the dam Sasser worm.

    I used trojan-remover to get all the shid off. Nice program. But it doesn't work correctly when Norton is running.

    I don't have to body of Superman, or the agility of Spiderman, or the brains of Dr. Doom, but I do lick like Lassy.
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