Howdy... OK... time to ask all of you die hard comupter pros what I do next. Have built myself a great gaming computer that still will not run FSX flat out with a FPS rate that averages over 10 fps. Have tried everything that I can find here on the forum... matched the benchmarks... have had the CPU multiplyer so high that my 3 pound CPU heatsink (air) with just short of a jet exhaust blowing on it ...was close to melting.... and it still bogs down. My system has a quad extreme QX6850 that I run at 9 for most of the time (3.0... OC'ing it to 12 makes only a couple more FPS ) 680i... I know.. but it works good for me, 4 GB (max.... Vista 32) of ddr2 pc2 6400 400, 800 watts of power, SLI gt8800's with Zallman 1000 coolers ... as recomended by your benchmarks...(runs FSX better NOT SLI!) and I have tried just about every card that will fit in my 15" space including 280's... but the 8800GT's always give the best frame rate... and enough cooling fans to almost make the case fly by itself and a 1900 X 1200 HDMI LCD monitor. The QX6850 runs only a few deg. above room temp even on the most demanding aplications such as the ones used to test overclocking. OK... what's next? I have Vista running just enough stuff to keep it from getting a virus... so it's not overloaded.
I can run everything that I can throw at it flat out at warp speed.... FS 2004 runs with all the sliders full and mega air AI ( everything that project AI has ) traffic and tons of add ons at an average of 60 FPS.... but FSX is stuck on the ground. HELP! Thanks! Tim
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  1. Have you installed all the updates / SP to FSX??? They make a big difference..
  2. Have you installed all the updates / SP to FSX??? They make a big difference..
  3. If you are playing with it offline turn everything off including the anti virus.
    You wont get a virus or trojans while offline but the extra memory will make a big difference.
    Also under games explorer you will find that you can use DX9 or DX10
    Fsx offers very little of the DX10 benifits and even causes some problems at times.
    DX9 will boost the frame rates a fair amount.
    I also found that the setting cast shadows on itself or something close to that has a huge effect.
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