Stalker clear sky

hello I was wondering how well i could run S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky

i have a ATi Radeon 4830

4GB of Ram

A Core2duo clocked at 3.64

and a 19 inch LCD Monitor

thanks for any help and thinks in advance for posting replies
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  1. Hi,

    With your specs you will get decent quality and frame-rates, although you will not be able to max out the quality.

    I have the same rig with a 4870 and max-quality in that game stutters quite badly.

    But, like I say, turn down the lighting and shadows and you will have a great game experience.
  2. high-medium gfx, my 2900 XT ran it low-medium at 1280x1024... And it still looked damn pretty. (just a shame the game had so many massive flaws...)
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