Spontaneous shut downs-voltage problem?

Not sure where to post this so here goes:

Athlon 2400/Asus A7N8X deluxe/1GB PC3200/Win XP corp/Koolance liquid cooled system running nice and cool.

I am having spontaneous shutdowns, always (it seems so far) during CD or DVD spin up, such as during software installation etc. The system just turns itself off with no preamble at all. Down.
I, using the Asus Probe software that came with the motherboard, have noticed that the +5V voltage monitor shows it fluctuating whereas the +3V and others are not. I upped the allowable error from 10% to 15% (maximum) and yet the problems persists, though possibly less frequently.

The power supply is and Enermax 430 watt basic whisper variety. Is a vlotage fluctuation sign of a defective power supply and can that fluctuation cause the shut downs I am experiencing?

I should say I have built two of these systems exactly the same and the other system has no problems and the voltage also appears stable as can be. Same power supply in both.

Any advice please?

Rob Ostrander
Burlington, Vermont
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  1. Could be a PCB somewhere causing an intermittent short thus bringing your +5V rail down although a decent PSU like yours is able to protect itself from this.

    I'd remove a device one by one until you locate the problem device.

    btw, make sure any mounting screws you've used for your drives are not too long - theres only so far you can screw into something without damaging it (no pun intended!)

    One day I'll look back at my current rig the way I do my old ZX Spectrum.......Would have been interesting to say the least if Sir Clive had Bill G's business skills
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