Antec Motherboard & Bios Question

I have a: ABIT IT7 MAX2 ver.2.0 Intel 845PE chipset ATX motherboard

I recently built my computer and loaded Windows 2000 Profesional with Service Pack 2 as my Operating System. Whenever I start my computer I get the following message:

"CPU is unworkable or has been changed. Please recheck CPU Soft Menu." I can either push F1 to skip this or go into my BIOS and choose the fail-safe defaults and the problem still won't be corrected. Anyone here know how I can fix this. I can run all my programs just fine, it's just that I always have to push F1 to skip out of the message.

Also my computer and cpu temperatures are as follows: CPU Temp 38 C Computer Temp 27 C. I haven't applied the thermal grease and was wondering if it really is worth the money to go out and buy it. Also how much cooler will the temperatures drop?
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  1. Check the battery on your MB. I had this same problem on an ABIT BX-6 board and it turned out to be that the battery was dead, so the BIOS was essentially resetting every time I shut down.
  2. What PS are you using?

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  3. This motherboard is brand new, so I doubt that's the problem, but just in case besides having to buy a new one is there anyway I can test my current battery? Also my power supply came with the case, Antec Original TRUE 430W P4 Power Supply ATX12V.
  4. This is a feature of Abit boards. Go into BIOS and find a setting called "CPU Speed Error Hold" and turn it off.

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  5. That worked, thanks
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