FS i7 custom system.

I have decided to sell my current system or part it out. I am open to reasonable offers but would like 2,500 for everything. Here are the specs. All items used for about 2 months.
Asus Rampage 3 extreme
Core i7 950 oced to 3.7 currently
12gb 3x4 patriot viper extreme ddr3 1600
Corsair 800d obsidian
2 xfx 6970's - sold
Lite on blue ray burner 12x
wd 2tb black edition
Corsair ax1200
5 cooler master r4 120mm blue led fans
logitech g19
razer lechesis 5600
microsoft win 7 ultimate 64
Samsung 27" toc monitor - sold
Xigmatek gmp-403001 hd gaming mouse pad.

Logitech z5500 with some scuffs but work perfectly and have monster cable wires.

I paid about 4k for this setup and will part out if needed.

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  1. Sending pm
  2. All pm's have been replied to.
  3. I am open to reasonable offers.
  4. Monitor sold. Price drop 2200.00
  5. how much for just the mb?
  6. 300.00
  7. Will drop mobo down to 275.00. Will do mobo cpu and cooler for 525.00
  8. Vid cards and monitor sold. 650 for cpu, mobo, ram, and cooler.
  9. what the lowest you can do for the g19
  10. 130.00
  11. Lowest prices for ram, psu hdd and odd seperate prices thx
  12. memory 150.00, psu 230.00 bsr 80.00 case 230.00
  13. Still open to offers for remaining parts.
  14. Do you still have the box and all the accessories for the motherboard? I'll offer you 350 for the board and ram.
  15. Want the lg Blue ray drive Link of item Lowest price with mouse pad.
  16. how much for the case and psu together?
  17. How much for the ram?
  18. 430 for case, psu, and all fans shipped.I will sell the case, psu, mobo,RAM,heat sink,blueray for 1k. Pm me for offers on individual items.
  19. How much are you asking for the CPU and cooler?
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