Promise Controller says No Bios Installed

I have the MSI Max-FISR with the SIS chipset. I hooked a hard drive up to the Promise IDE controller and when rebooting, it tells me there is nothing hooked up and the bios is not installed. I read through the books but did not see anything that says I must do certain things to get it to work. Does anyone have any ideas for me to try. The hard drive is a Maxtor 80G ATA133. I tried it as a master and as cable select and neither made a difference.

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  1. Make sure Promise's BIOS is enabled in your comp's BIOS (usually in Advanced Chipset or Integrated Peripherals menu), or it might require changing jumper (check your manual).

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  2. Thanks for the quick reply.

    I went into Bios and made sure it was enabled. For kicks, I disabled it to see what would happen and as I thought, it bypassed even telling me there was not a drive connected. I know the drive is good as it works on the standard IDE channels.
  3. RAID is typically for 2 or more drives...

    If your hooking up a single hard drive to a raid controller...perhaps it's waiting for the other one?

    Makes sense to me...but perhaps I'm mistaken...

    I believe (don't quote me on this)that JBOD (Just a bunch of Drives) is the only RAID config that will support just 1 drive..but since JBOD doesn't really enhance anything..many RAID controllers don't support it...

    In most cases I've seen onboard RAID controllers are pretty basic and only typically support RAID 0(striping) and RAID 1(mirroring) configs...

    The fact that your getting a message saying there is no drive installed when you have the RAID BIOS turned on...means it's looking for a RAID config..which is good..

    Try hooking up a second identical drive to the RAID controller..and then entering the RAID build utility..

    I know when I boot my RAID card comes on and says SCANNING IDE drives...and then gives me the option to enter the RAID bios before booting...

    When I first set it didn't do anything but scan and then tell me to enter the build utility to set up my RAID...


    Hope this helps..


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  4. The guy's never mentioned RAID. The Promise controller can also function as ATA133 IDE channel where you just connect one HD to it.
  5. I kept messing around with it. With the jumper removed from the drive, it would want to recognize it and set it up as a single drive striper (sp?) array. When setting it up, it would then give a different error and say the comp would have to reboot. It would not recognize the drive with the jumper in any position; master, slave or cable select. Tonight after work will keep messing with it.
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